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About the site

This site is a collection of "extra bits", dedicated to that last bit of logic, the part that makes a difference. These extra bits are not usually documented or perhaps are not clear but I'll be doing my utmost to unpick and share the things I've learned or found useful.

If it's not clear not everything on the site will have been proactively discovered, of course some things will have caught me out personally. Working in this industry it's par for the course with a key factor being how you recover and learn from such set-backs. I hope that by sharing I can help others to learn about new topics, expand on existing knowledge and avoid tripping over the same pitfalls.

About me

I'm a passionate technologist and learner, throughout my 10 years in the IT industry I've picked up a variety of technical and professional experience. I'd describe myself as a problem solver first and foremost and while I have the most experience with M365 and Azure SaaS I pride myself on being able to pick up new technologies and concepts quickly. If I had to pin myself into a role definition, it'd be as an architect but with a focus on practicality. The corporate IT landscape is not a lab and therefore we cannot be too precious about the perfect solution - it doesn't exist. The practical architect, at least to me, is taking something from concept to design to implementation, working within constraints, perceiving and responding to realities and ensuring that the solution is not materially compromised along the way.

Technology Experience:

  • Microsoft 365 end user workloads

  • M365 Security & Compliance workloads incl Microsoft Cloud App Security, Microsoft Information Protection

  • Azure Active Directory incl directory synchronisation, Security, SSO, Azure AD Applications

  • Device Management - Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM) & Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Group Policies

  • PowerShell

  • FsLogix

  • Citrix


All information on this site is provided without warranty, and I, the author hold no liability arising from of the use of scripts or information in articles published on the site. Always read & understand code prior to execution and test in an isolated non-production environment to ensure it functions as intended.

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